For your convenience, you can view rates and choose your stateroom online! But if you prefer to talk to a live person, our extremely helpful and friendly Captain Support Specialists are waiting for your call! Call/text us at 877-438-9438 or email


You’ll need a Whet Travel Account in order to confirm and access your Salsa Cruise reservation. If you already have a Whet Travel Account you will be prompted to enter your User Name and Password during the booking process.

If you do not have an account, please register for a new account by clicking here

After you have booked your cabin, your User Name and Password will allow you to access your Salsa Cruise reservation to make future payments, purchase additional options, and edit your personal information.

The following information is required by the cruise line, and needed for every guest in your cabin.

*Full, legal name (first/last only) as it appears on your passport or birth certificate/drivers license (Middle Names are not needed)
*Birth Date
*Phone Number
*Email Address
*Mailing Address
*Any special dietary or physical needs

Multiple Credit Card Payments
If you will be paying for your stateroom with multiple credit cards, you will need to have all of the credit card numbers (with expiration date and the cards verification code/number) as well as the billing name and billing addresses for each card. The credit card(s) must belong to the guest(s) booked on the reservation.

We do not accept Third Party credit cards. If the credit card you are using is for a guest not traveling in the same stateroom with you, you must call our office at 877-438-9438 to inquire about a Third Party Credit Card Authorization Form.

We accept most major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We will also accept payment by payment by check, only when prior arrangements have been made and when submitted by mail or overnight courier.

Yes, payment plans are available for Salsa Cruise guests! The date you make your reservation will ultimately determine your total deposit due at the time of booking and the subsequent payment dates.

There isn’t really a last day to book for the Salsa Cruise, but rates and availability are not guaranteed until booked. We recommend booking early to guarantee the best rates and best stateroom options and locations. Our rates increase closer to sailing! We NEVER lower them! As with any Salsa Cruise, the sellout risk is always high.


Due to the unique nature of our event, The Salsa Cruise is non-refundable. There are NO exceptions to our cancellation policies. We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance. We must receive written notice of your cancellation either via certified mail, overnight courier, or e-mail sent to

If a flight or other delay for any reason prevents you from joining the cruise by the boarding time on the departure date, you will be considered a no-show, and we cannot provide a full or partial refund or credit toward a future cruise. Please note that your decision not to travel due to State Department advisories or fear of travel will constitute cancellation by you. No refund or credit will be given for any unused features or early departures for any reason.

There will no refunds are given for those who do not board the ship on time, unused tickets, or after The Salsa Cruise has occurred. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information on our cancellation policies.

We highly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.

The guest who places a reservation for a cabin onboard Salsa Cruise will be considered the Lead Guest and is the owner of the reservation. The Lead Guest is therefore solely responsible for initiating or authorizing changes to the reservation and must agree in writing to any changes made to the reservation, by emailing Change fees will apply for a name or cabin changes.

Name Changes
All guest name changes can be made up until 30 days prior to sailing (if allowed by the cruise line), and will be assessed the following administrative fees per name change:
$50.00 per person, per change for name changes through the final payment date of the sailing.
$100.00 per person, per change for name changes through 30 days before sailing
$200.00 per person, per change for name changes within 30 days of sailing.

The Lead Guest is not allowed to change their name within the reservation. At least one original and/or lead guest name must remain on the reservation. If all original guests cancel, this is considered a full cancellation without refund, and name changes will not be allowed. An original name is one that has been added to your reservation at the time of your initial deposit or payment.

In all cases of name changes, the new guest must make full payment. Once that payment has been made, then the applicable amounts paid by the original guest will be refunded directly to the original guest, less the cost of the name change fee.

Cabin Changes
All guest name changes can be made up until 30 days prior to sailing (if allowed by the cruise line), and will be assessed the following administrative fees per name change:

$50.00 per person, per change for name changes through the final payment date of the sailing.
$100.00 per person, per change for name changes through 30 days prior to sailing.
$200.00 per person, per change for name changes within 30 days of sailing.

Your cabin number is subject to change without notice at the discretion of the cruise line.
No changes of any kind (name or cabin) will be accepted within two weeks of sailing.

Cabin Occupancy Changes
Rates are based on the number of people in your cabin. Changes in occupancy will result in a rate increase or decrease depending on the type of change.

Yes! Salsa Cruise is non-refundable, regardless of the reason for cancellation. We highly recommend the purchase of Travel Guard Travel Insurance to protect you against financial loss due non-refundable costs and fees due to unexpected cancellations and travel emergencies.

For your convenience, you will be presented with your Travel Insurance options after you’ve booked your cabin.

Travel insurance also protects you against emergencies during travel, such as trip interruption, trip delay, missed/canceled flights, lost or stolen baggage/personal items, illness/injury and much more. For a complete list of covered reasons, please contact Travel Guard directly at 1-866-375-2546.

We also offer an optional Cancel for Any Reason policy that must be purchased within 14 days your initial payment or deposit. If you have to cancel for a non-covered reason, the Cancel for Any Reason option will reimburse you 50% of your non-refundable costs; covered reasons will receive a 100% refund. Travel Guard will determine the amount of your refund based on the documentation you provide to them.

In the event of cancellation, you must first contact Whet Travel in writing by sending an email to Then, you must contact Travel Guard directly to submit a claim and request a refund.

To review our policy benefits, please click here: Travel Guard Travel Insurance

For questions and to purchase travel insurance, please call Whet Travel at 877-GET-WHET (438-9438) or email

You can choose and select your stateroom online. If you and your friends are booking together it should be easy to select and choose cabins near each other. Requests to be located next to your friends should be made at time of booking. We will do everything we can to get you as close to your friends as possible, however the earlier you book, the easier it is to accommodate these requests. Special requests are not guaranteed. Please call Captain Support Specialists at 877-438-9438, or email for assistance.

Yes! We get several requests for cabinmates. If you are traveling alone and would like us to assign you a cabinmate, please call us at 877-GET-WHET (877-438-9438), or as soon as possible, should your situation change. Please review our Roommate Waitlist policy below:

Roommate Waitlist Request – Terms & Conditions

Your cabin number and cabinmate(s)’ name will be assigned within two weeks of sailing. If you change your mind and find your own cabinmate, please notify us immediately so we can remove your name from the Roommate Waitlist.

We will try our best to match you with roommate(s) of the same age group and gender, but if you have additional special requests, please email We cannot guaranty special requests, but we will do our best to accommodate them, if possible.

To help you find the perfect match, we invite you to join our Salsa Cruise Cabinmate Search Facebook Group! The Salsa Cruise 2019 Cabinmate Search Group will give you the opportunity to meet other attendees who are also looking for a cabinmate, and hopefully, you can find your perfect match!

Your decision to accept a cabinmate for the Salsa Cruise at your own risk. Whet Travel nor the cruise lines are not responsible or liable for any and all claims or cause of action arising out of or in connection with your selection of a cabinmate for the Salsa Cruise, including, without limitation, any injury or damage to persons or property which may be caused, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, from such request or selection.

To contact us, please call/text Whet Travel at 877-GET WHET (877-438-9438) or email

Your Salsa Cruise rate includes

All meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, 24-hour room service
Government taxes and fees
Entrance to all Salsa Cruise events on and off the ship
Your Salsa Cruise rate does not include

Alcoholic beverages, specialty drinks, or bottle service
Mandatory, non-refundable service fees charged by the cruise line. These fees are charged to your onboard account when you board th e ship.The service fees cover tips/gratuities for cabin stewards and restaurant servers. Fees vary by cruise line and sailing, and are subject to change without notice.
Spa treatments and certain specialty exercise classes
Ship-to-shore phone, email, Internet, fax
Shore excursions
Ground transportation to/from the Port
Travel insurance
Food, beverages and transportation at off-ship events.
Other optional items not limited to the above
For questions and more information, please call/text our Captain Support Specialists at 877-438-9438 or email

Salsa Cruise is a family-friendly event! We offer special rates for children under the age of 17. Please call/text our Captain Support Specialists at 877-438-9438 or email for current rates.

The following discounts are available to Salsa Cruise guests!


Organizers of groups of at least 8 staterooms can travel on the Salsa Cruise for free! For full details, please here

For special sales and promotions, here.


Under 2 years: All staterooms – taxes only ($200)

5 years and under: All staterooms: $350 plus taxes (based on double occupancy)

6-16 years: All staterooms: $550 plus taxes (based on double occupancy)

*Based on 2 adults double occupancy. Must be 3rd/4th guest.

If you are traveling with children, please contact our Captain Support Specialists at 877-438-9438 for assistance.


To receive the U.S. Military Discount, please email one of the following items below to after your reservation has been confirmed.

Copy of the military LES (Leave and Earning statement) provided the social security number is blackened out.
Copy of military retirement papers (DD214 or DD256)
Copy of proof of honorable discharge (Form DD214)
Proof for Cadets: A letter from his/her Commander or a copy of a military pay stub, provided the social security number is blackened out.

*Discount will be applied after verification is emailed to
*Applies to active and retired U.S. Military only.
*Discounts are limited and subject to change without notice.

Congratulations!! We LOVE Special Events, and we’re excited that you’re celebrating your Special Event with us!! Once you’re booked, let us know of your birthday, anniversary, honeymoon, or whatever! by emailing!

The Salsa Cruise believes that the fun and excitement of cruising should be able to be enjoyed by everyone. That’s why we are committed to providing all of our guests the freedom of choice to cruise your way. In order to assist you with any special requirements you may have, Please call one of our Captain Support Specialists at 877-GET-WHET (438-9438) in order to book ADA staterooms over the phone, as they are not available to book online. Please be sure to mention any other special medical or dietary requests needed.


All guests cruising to in possession of one of the following documentation to sail. No exceptions will be made.

  • A valid passport
  • Valid ID + original birth certificate

It is YOUR responsibility to make sure you have the proper documents to board the ship. Whet Travel Salsa and Salsa Cruise are not responsible for denied boarding due to insufficient documents.

Within 30 days of sailing, you’ll receive an email with your cruise line booking/reservation number and instructions on how to complete your online check-in and print your boarding pass. Each guest in your stateroom will need to complete the cruise lines mandatory online check-in at least one week prior to sailing. Your boarding pass is your ticket for boarding and must be printed and presented at check-in at the terminal.

Each cruise line has a mandatory, online check-in process. This will be available to you within 30 days of sailing, and up to 24 hours prior to sailing. The online check-in process offers several advantages:

1. To make sure the cruise line has your booking information correct, and that your name is spelled exactly as it appears on your legal documentation (legal first and last names only; middle names are not needed). If your name is not spelled correctly, you could be denied boarding without refund! Whet Travel is not responsible for denied boarding. Please contact us immediately with any name corrections.

2. To print your boarding pass and e-documents. You need to present this upon check-in at the pier. Your Whet Travel Invoice is NOT your ticket for boarding.

3. To expedite check-in. Completion of the required information in advance greatly expedites check-in at the port. The faster you can get through check-in, the sooner your Salsa Cruise experience can begin!

Welcome Aboard! Now that you’re booked, join our Salsa Cruise Attendees Only Facebook Group Meet new friends, find old ones, share costume ideas and other tips, plus receive important information, announcements and updates about the Salsa Cruise!

You must have a confirmed reservation to be added to our attendee the only group. Your request to join will be approved once we can confirm that you have a reservation for the Salsa Cruise. If you do not have a Salsa Cruise reservation, but you are ready to join us, click here to BOOK NOW.

If your Facebook name pages do not match the names that are on your reservation, please email so we can approve your request to the group.